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JavaScript resources you need to know about

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Gard Aaland Engen

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In this article, I will present to you some resources which can be useful to know about if you want to learn JavaScript, or in general, want to learn more about the language.

MDN web docs

This is a resource created for developers by developers and is loaded with articles, tutorials, references, and documentation on many subjects such as JavaScript, CSS, and WebAssembly. You can find information aimed towards all kinds of experience here, which also applies to the tutorials and the guides. When it comes to JavaScript, in particular, MDN has a lot to offer, and I think that almost everyone that reads this article can learn something here. There is one guide on MDN, which you need to check out named JavaScript Guide. This is a detailed guide that gives an excellent overview of the language and is divided into multiple chapters that cover topics such as functions, working with objects, promises, modules, and so on. This guide is directed primarily towards those who have previous experience with JavaScript or other languages. In addition to this guide, here are some other exciting tutorials on JavaScript that MDN offer:

This is a website that provides short, on point, informative video courses on JavaScript, web frameworks, and libraries. The courses are for both newcomers and experienced JavaScript developers and are made by both professionals and open source contributors. Most of the courses consist of small bite-size videos rather than long ones, and the videos go straight to the point so that you can save time. Each course is made up of 10-30 videos on exciting topics such as:

Egghead has a lot of great content that is free, but you have to pay to get full access to all of the content of the website.

Wes Bos

This website and its content are made by a full-stack web-developer and designer named Wes Bos from Hamilton, Canada. The website has a blog with plenty of references to courses, videos, and articles that Wes Bos has made. On this blog, you can find useful resources on learning the basics but also resources on more advanced topics in the realm of web development. Some of the resources are free and some you have to pay for. If there is one resource you have to check out from Mr.Bos, it must be his famous JavaScript30 course. This is a 30-day vanilla JavaScript coding challenge, where you can join over 300 000 others to learn vanilla JavaScript in 30 days with 30 tutorials.


You can’t make a list like this without mentioning YouTube. There are just so many great courses on this platform, and the best about the platform is that it’s 100% free. I got into JavaScript just by watching courses on YouTube. So I will list some popular channels which I have discovered that has a lot of great video courses on JavaScript, but also web-development in general.


Finally, I will share two free books with you.

  • Eloquent javascript. Dives deep into the JavaScript to show you how to write beautiful, effective code.
  • You Don't Know JS Yet. A free series of books that lets you explore the ins and outs of JavaScript and its core mechanisms.

There you have it, a full list of resources about JavaScript which you can enjoy during the holidays. 🎅🤶

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